Let Aurora Exterior Painting Beautify Your Biggest Investment

November 13, 2016
While they have specialized in exterior home painting since 2004, Aurora Exterior Painting actually offers a lot more than outdoor painting services to homeowners who want to extend the life of their home and preserve its value. More than 3,600 homeowners all over Massachusetts love their professional painting services.

What sets Aurora Exterior Painting apart from other painting contractors lies in their ability to fully discuss everything with the homeowners, to find out exactly what the homeowner wants and to dedicate themselves to every detail of the homeowner's desires and make sure they’re fulfilled. Aurora offers the most complete service anywhere. Even their estimate has more information than most, as they detail size and scope of the work necessary. They do this to make sure that everyone is on the same page. The estimate includes the details of the company’s two-year warranty and their Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractors License number, so the homeowner sees no surprises. It’s part of their commitment to professional standards and results and it’s designed to provide the homeowner with the confidence to know that Aurora will extend the life of their home and preserve its value.

Quick and Easy Estimates for Home Painting from Aurora Exterior Painting

May 26, 2016
Are you looking for a quick and painless way to improve your home? Look no further than that of Aurora Exterior Painting. Estimates can be prepared for exterior painting, interior painting and carpentry projects to ensure best needs are met for your residence improvement project. If painting services are not required, but a clean up is, ask Aurora Exterior Painting for pressure washing quotes. This process helps remove mildew, mold and other grime from various outdoor home surfaces, including decks and siding without having to repaint your home. Lastly, don’t overlook prep work from caulking to glazing windows and more, those small jobs make a huge difference in the lifetime of a home, and Aurora Exterior Painting is here to help you achieve your home improvement dreams in a fast and easy way.